Department of Labor compliance help in Southern California

Department of Labor compliance help in Southern California

Reach out to Bottom Line Insurance Services for all the help you need for Department of Labor compliance. We’ll go through your paperwork to make sure you’re complying with all the regulations and your information is complete and consistent.

We work hard to make sure the Department of Labor doesn’t send the Employee Benefits Security Administration, or EBSA, to your door. To learn more about Department of Labor compliance, call us today.

3 Department of Labor audit warning signs

How can you tell the EBSA may run an audit of your company? You might be at risk for a Department of Labor audit in Southern California if:

  1. There’s a complaint filed by a participant.
  2. There’s inaccurate or incomplete information on file.
  3. There’s suspicion of delinquent employee contributions.

Call 714-333-1141 right this minute to get in touch with Bottom Line Insurance Services. We’ll help you minimize the risk of being audited by the Department of Labor.